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museum wall texts and narrative concept for Tobias Mayer Museum at Marbach / Germany (client: Vista Rasch)


various volumes for a children´s book series

(client: Kosmos)


educational game concept for a primary dictionary German and English (client: Langenscheidt)


story-development for a pitching concept for a leading toy chain store (client: Follow Red)


story concept for the user experience of the German pavillon at Expo 2017

client: Totems Communication & Architecture (competition entry)


interactive storytelling/user experience design for the webdoc "Im Rausch der Daten" (Release via arte.tv upcoming)

client: Indi Film Berlin


interactive concept, story, game design and child-friendly preparation of facts for Ravensburger Tier-/Spielfiguren (play/animal figures) and the edutainment products Ritterburg (knight´s castle), Kinderarzt (children´s doctor), Bauernhof (farmhouse), Reiterhof (horse ranch), Zoo, Polizei (police) and Autorennen (car race)

client: Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH (partly via Zeitland media & games)


script development for the children´s TV series Der kleine Rabe Socke (The Little Raven Socke)

client: Akkord Film GmbH


re-conception of an existing children´s TV series for KIKA

client: Kinderfilm GmbH for KIKA


story and story world development for EOSIS (augmented reality sight-seeing App with game elements)

client: White Pony


storyworld conception and script for the web motion comic

Land of the Magic Flute (landofthemagicflute.com)

clients: IMF / Filmtank Berlin / Festspiele Bregenz


story development for Erik und die Ritter (Eric and the knights)

free project within Akademie für Kindermedien / Academy for Children´s Media


concepts for various ad agencies

clients: Schmittgal, Neue Bewegung, Cosmoto/Echo & Flut among others


script for the short film Auf dem Land (On the countryside)

clients: StickUp Filmproduktion and Berlin film school (dffb)


conception, story world and story for the Interactive Novel Mars

client: Zeitland media & games

(funded by the digital content fund of MFG Baden Württemberg)


script for the short film Jakob

client: arte, SWR, Filmakademie Ludwigsburg

shown at Film Festivals San Sebastian, Saarbrücken (Max Ophüls), Casablanca; regular screening via arte and online


story/script for the comic Steam Noir: Das Kupferherz (Bd.1)

client: Cross Cult


screenplay editing services

clients: B&T Films, Frisbeefilms, Warner Bros. Germany, Opal Film


story/script for the graphic novel Jakob 

client: Cross Cult


studies of film science and comparative literature (University of Tübingen, Zürich, Mainz) 

followed by script writing studies at Filmakademie Baden Würtemberg